Image & Film Production for Promotion

Stirringcolours offer a wide range of video, photography, audio & multimedia production services to give look & feel the concept & content of life of a product, services or a social message to the masses for a cause.

Means running TV commercial between 15-60 second in length, but TV Commercial also include sponsorship & product planning within TV shows. TV advertising has been considered as the most effective mass-market advertising media. There are also opportunities to air commercials via Internet using YouTube, Google+ and all. We have a seasoned team of dedicated professionals who have ridden every significant wave that the ad industry has seen over the past 30 years of experience doing big-budget productions and small-budget extravaganzas. Commercial Product photography and Post - Processing Techniques

Creating stunning product photography requires a unique set of skills in the studio and in post-production. Each equipment, therefore, used in shoot exposes a product to a variety of techniques to magnify it commercial messaging

Corporate Audio Visual Production

Video is a powerful communications tool that you can use to create great user experiences that extend your reach, get noticed, and deliver your messages more effectively. Our studio has the expertise and experience to help you articulate the message you wish to communicate, interpret that message creatively, produce the video from script to final edit and deliver the finished production in a format consistent with your target audience. Our in-house team manages the entire production process, which gives us the ability to ensure a consistently high caliber of work across all phases of the project’s execution:

  • Concept Development Script Writing Storyboards Previsualization Casting Location Scouting.
  • Pre-Production Production Video Editing Motion Graphics 3D Animation Visual Effects Music Scoring Sound Design Color Correction Video Finishing.

Corporate Video Production Expertise

Doctors, Mechanics, lawyers, Videographers… whatever profession you care to mention, experience and expertise matters more than any other factor and, all things being equal, you do tend to get what you pay for.

Concept / Script / Storyboard

– Doing video for the sake of video is a waste of money (although it’s great for the video production industry!) What measurable business objective are you trying to achieve? How is this video specifically going to achieve that objective? And of greatest importance, do the people creating your video have the experience or guidance to create a video that will help move your business forward? Lighting, sound, framing and editing are all important but they don’t matter in the least if what you are creating has no value to your intended audience.

Editing / Graphics

– The editing process is highly nuanced. Editing is where you create the style and substance of the video – you sequence all of the available assets into a cohesive story that communicates your key messages in a clear and engaging manner.

Actors / Presenters

– Do you need to hire professional presenters, actors or models to improve the quality of your presentation? Not everyone is good on camera. You may need to make difficult decisions about who should represent your company. In a broadcast commercial quite often it is not someone in your company. Even in a corporate video you may decide that hiring outside talent is the best decision.


The quality and flexibility of the camera you shoot with can make a considerable difference in the finished quality and editing options for your video. Your final delivery channel will also determine the need for specific cameras.


The more experienced video production companies tend to have a wide variety of tools and equipment on hand for each shoot.


If you’ve ever watched a movie or television show being filmed you might wonder why you need so many people standing around idle on a set.

B-Roll / Cut-away shots

Most videos benefit from the addition of footage that supplements what is being said on screen. If you are interviewing a business owner who is talking about their new equipment you should cut away to shots of the equipment as they speak. Showing the viewer what is being described in the video is more

Locations and production time

Where are you shooting? How long will each scene/interview/shot take? Are you shooting in one location or many? What are the specific requirements and constraints of each location? Are you indoor or outside? If you are shooting outside is weather a factor? If so what happens if it rains? How much set-up time is required? Are the locations close together? The most important factor is the total amount of time required for production.

Studio Shooting

Do you require the use of a sound stage or studio? Do you need a controlled environment to shoot in? Are you shooting green screen and keying out the background in edit? The use of a studio has to be factored into the overall cost of the production one way or another.

Set, props, equipment, Extras

Aside from video production equipment are there other special props or pieces of equipment that need to be included as part of the costs? Do you need to rent a van, rent furniture, hire extras, hire a plane or helicopter for an aerial shot or bring in special equipment for the shoot? These all have to be factored in to the cost of the shoot.

Stock Footage

Do you require supplemental footage or images to support the video? There are many websites that sell high quality still and video footage. Some videos are comprised completely of stock footage, text and voice-over.


Do you need a voice-over to tell your story or to tie the video together? Video is a powerful medium but it is even more powerful if you take full advantage of audio to support what is being shown on screen.

Audio Files

Do you require a music bed, special sound effects or other audio to supplement your video?


A teleprompter can save a shoot. Even the most experienced speaker can be intimidated by lights and camera.

Digitizing, Transfers, Rendering and Uploading

– Video takes on many forms during the production process. If you shot on film you have to transfer it to a format that works in your editing system.


We believe that Awesomeness is priceless and unique and deserves an ‘Ah!’ from the world.

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