How do we work & perform
in a nutshell

Strategy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. At STIRRINGCOLOURS every brand strategy begins with a deep dive into your business, your brand and your customer’s psyche. We call this process combustion.
1. Discovery (Operational Audit / BehavioralAudit) : We audit how successful a brand is in communicating its position to its customer & where it stand & going.

2. Brand Insight: the next step is the formal announcement of the evolved brand to the audiences with a me- morale short, effective message. TO THE POINT

3. Passionate expression: The aim is to communicate & establish the brand personality, mission & vision for its growth & success. We will share our innovative ides; creative’s created on the basis of our research.

4. Integration &Metrics: We take our finalized creative expressional & flow it out into the most relevant effective marketing channel/media.

5. Ignition &monitoring: Here we lean back & relax, but the process doesn’t stop here. We work closely with the brand’s marketing team & empowers the brand to respond to changing market scenarios for its growth &reinforcement.